The Nexus One was a big mistake

Anybody cares about the customers?

Everybody that knows me even a little bit knows how much respect I have for Google as a company, but with the Nexus One they messed up BAD.

I’ve been reading a lot about revenues, relationship with carriers, with other cellphone manufacturers (let’s say Motorola) etc… but everybody ignored the customers, the 150k that actually shelled the money for a phone that’s a bit of a mess.

I know the casual reader will jump on their chair reading this, but the defining the Nexus One a mess isn’t too much of a stretch and here is why: Continue reading “The Nexus One was a big mistake”

The iPad: so easy it takes 5 geeks to make it work!

It might be the biggest deal ever, but the iPad is really starting to get on my bad side.

I’m starting to become numb to the hype and the concept of a computer without a keyboard; it just doesn’t seem THAT interesting or groundbreaking to me.

Wrestling with the iPad video output at WhereCamp 2010
Wrestling with the iPad video output at WhereCamp 2010

Today at at WhereCamp 2010 in Mountain View, somebody TRIED to use the iPad to give a quick presentation, and “it just didn’t work”. Continue reading “The iPad: so easy it takes 5 geeks to make it work!”

Disable “Press and Hold” in Windows XP SP3 and Wacom Tablets

Press and hold behavior in Windows XP SP3
Press and hold

The “press and hold” for right click is driving me up the walls while using the Adobe Creative Suite at work, so while it’s pretty easy to find a solution for Vista/Win7, the solution for Windows XP SP3 is bit harder to find, so I’ll make it available for everybody here. Continue reading “Disable “Press and Hold” in Windows XP SP3 and Wacom Tablets”

Dear Facebook, please fix the duplicate names bug NOW. XOXO :-) LOL

It would be very cool, borderline awesome if Facebook decided to fix the annoying problem they have with duplicate names.

Let me clarify: there’s a guy in Italy called Luca Candela, just like me, and he’s uploading videos of his snowboard stunts all the time. While I can enjoy some snowboard videos here and there (I used to be a snowboarder when I had better knees and more time) I definitely don’t like being spammed by his friends’ comments all the time.

It’s baffling how a company of that magnitude decided to match people and accounts by using a simple string compare… really? That’s an amateurish mistake, and it’s been like that for as long as I can remember.

Do I have to change my name to get some peace?

Fix sound volume issue on MacBook Pro running Windows XP SP3

Apple doesn’t seem to care too much about the “experience” we’re having running Windows XP on their EXPENSIVE laptops. With OSX 10.5 and 10.6 they ship a sound driver that is simply NOT WORKING PROPERLY, and again, they don’t seem to care too much.

Well, if you, like me, are annoyed as hell about this, you can do yourself a favor a download this version of the driver that a great guy hacked in order to fix the problem.

Thanks Henry!

San Francisco and new site design coming soon!

This is a quick update just to say that San Francisco didn’t swallow me (although it’s been a very intense week since I moved here) and that so far I’m happy about how many contacts I’m establishing in the area.

The great news though is that the site redesign is almost complete, and soon all my work will find a better collocation in an on-line portfolio designed ad-hoc!

Stay tuned.

Get the favicons back on Firefox 3.5 for OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard

I don’t know why the Mozilla team decided not to show favicons in the bookmark toolbar, but it’s a BAD idea: the toolbar becomes instantly hard to scan and a lot less useful.

Luckily there’s an extension for Firefox called Stylish and a script to install once the extension is active that can take care of the problem.


How to install Service Pack 3 for Windows XP on a MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard

This post is more of a “note to self” than anything else. I spent good part of today fighting against my MacBook Pro, trying to install Service Pack 3 for Windows XP (Bootcamp partition).

After a few hours of frustration, I found this link buried in Apple’s support site that contains a workaround.

The meat of the problem is a driver that makes HFS partitions readable in Windows, and the fact that SP3 sees them as the main partition and tries to copy SP’s files from there.

The fix is trivial, just find AppleMNT.sys, rename it to something else, restart the system, install SP3, rename the file back to the original name and the problem is solved.

Thanks Apple, now if you made the kb article a BIT easier to find, that would be awesome.