Why clean data never stays clean

“Many companies implement large ERP systems only to find that the employees have drifted away from the software and back onto spreadsheets. As a result, investment in ERP software, process re-engineering, and training is lost within two years. ERP becomes a huge burden instead of the solution. The system must be configured and the processes… Continue reading Why clean data never stays clean

The Big Redesign In The Sky

Disclaimer This article was originally posted by one of the single smartest people in software development known as Uncle Bob on 1/9/2009. Sadly his blog seems unreachable and has been for a long time, so I’m reposting the original content in its entirety as a public service. I make no claim I have anything to do… Continue reading The Big Redesign In The Sky

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Focus on Now, forget Later and burn Never

Web startups have to overcome incredible challenges to become successful, the biggest of which is probably figuring out a way to prioritize a seemingly endless list of things you would like to do. How do you prioritize effectively, balancing the business objectives, consumer expectations and your ability to deliver (resources)?

We don’t have time to do things right.

Everybody working in software development in one way or another has heard this at some point: it would be really nice to do things the right way, but right now we’re busy, there will be time to fix the problem later on.

The Nexus One was a big mistake

Anybody cares about the customers? Everybody that knows me even a little bit knows how much respect I have for Google as a company, but with the Nexus One they messed up BAD. I’ve been reading a lot about revenues, relationship with carriers, with other cellphone manufacturers (let’s say Motorola) etc… but everybody ignored the… Continue reading The Nexus One was a big mistake

Disable “Press and Hold” in Windows XP SP3 and Wacom Tablets

The “press and hold” for right click is driving me up the walls while using the Adobe Creative Suite at work, so while it’s pretty easy to find a solution for Vista/Win7, the solution for Windows XP SP3 is bit harder to find, so I’ll make it available for everybody here.

Dear Facebook, please fix the duplicate names bug NOW. XOXO :-) LOL

It would be very cool, borderline awesome if Facebook decided to fix the annoying problem they have with duplicate names. Let me clarify: there’s a guy in Italy called Luca Candela, just like me, and he’s uploading videos of his snowboard stunts all the time. While I can enjoy some snowboard videos here and there… Continue reading Dear Facebook, please fix the duplicate names bug NOW. XOXO 🙂 LOL