A gun isn’t a tool

A gun isn’t a tool – it’s not a hammer or a drill that you can pick up, use to solve a problem, and put away until you have the next problem you want to solve. It’s an instrument, like a guitar or piano. It requires constant care, it requires checking and tuning before each… Continue reading A gun isn’t a tool

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On logo design

Surprising to many, the subject matter of a logo is of relatively little importance, and even appropriateness of content does not always play a significant role. This does not imply that appropriateness is undesirable. It merely indicates that a one-to-one relationship between a symbol and what it symbolized is very often impossible to achieve and,… Continue reading On logo design

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On design portfolios

Advice for designers: in the mind of an hiring manager you're as good as the worst piece of work in your portfolio. Throw away the garbage. — Luca Candela (@luckymethod) March 27, 2015

A fragile democracy

Speaking with my US friends, I never detect any hint of fear for the current situation of the democratic system. There seem to be some kind of assurance that no matter how dysfunctional this country becomes, it could never backslide or change radically and become, let’s say, Putin’s Russia. I am deeply worried that’s not… Continue reading A fragile democracy

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Why clean data never stays clean

“Many companies implement large ERP systems only to find that the employees have drifted away from the software and back onto spreadsheets. As a result, investment in ERP software, process re-engineering, and training is lost within two years. ERP becomes a huge burden instead of the solution. The system must be configured and the processes… Continue reading Why clean data never stays clean

Cargo cultism and design

Cargo cult is defined as a religious movement that exhibit belief in the imminence of a new age of blessing, to be initiated by the arrival of a special “cargo” of goods from supernatural sources—based on the observation by local residents of the delivery of supplies to colonial officials. If the cargo is expected by… Continue reading Cargo cultism and design

The Big Redesign In The Sky

Disclaimer This article was originally posted by one of the single smartest people in software development known as Uncle Bob on 1/9/2009. Sadly his blog seems unreachable and has been for a long time, so I’m reposting the original content in its entirety as a public service. I make no claim I have anything to do… Continue reading The Big Redesign In The Sky

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Focus on Now, forget Later and burn Never

Web startups have to overcome incredible challenges to become successful, the biggest of which is probably figuring out a way to prioritize a seemingly endless list of things you would like to do. How do you prioritize effectively, balancing the business objectives, consumer expectations and your ability to deliver (resources)?