“Generalizing Specialist” Is The Definition I Was Looking For…


I have been trying to define my professional profile a little better, and after a few hours of research, I stumbled on this incredibly clever definition of “generalizing specialist“.

I transitioned into a management role very early in my career, so staying a generalist was fundamental. In software development it is necessary to keep up with technologies and practices used by your team, and in some cases guide them through the adoption of new ones. You need to be able to read the code and understand the weaknesses and the opportunities hiding in it. You need to be able to discuss architecture choices and and if the technical underpinnings are solid enough very early in the project’s lifecycle.

Finally, you need to be able to understand if developers are explaining their way out of a week of poor productivity, or if they are making a “very bad decision” (more on that in my next article).

As a PM or SCRUM master, you need to retain and expand your technical skills to stay relevant in the market (and even in your own team).

What is the skill that you’re trying to learn right now?

By Luca Candela

Born in Italy, after a MS in Computer Science in Torino, Italy, I moved to Madrid first, then to California to pursue my dream of working in the epicenter of the digital revolution, the Bay Area. I'm currently the Head of Product Management at Treasure Data. I'm passionate about Agile development, User Experience and social media. In the rare occasion when I'm not working, I like to play electric guitar, ride my mountain bike and enjoy Asian food.

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